I designed these mobile game and app projects for Hard Boiled Industries, my 2-person dev. shop. I coded them using Corona SDK/lua as well as created some of the art and animation. I was responsible for sound design and even created a few original music tracks. These were published on several app stores across multiple platforms.
Bounce Party is a work in progress action/arcade game for all ages. Players use a single finger to control a 2D rag doll character as it is affected by physical forces like gravity, collisions, and, of course, bouncing.

I designed and programmed the game, UI, and created all music/SFX, and some of the art. My wife and business partner, Barbara Pollak, created the majority of the art.
Bakery Batch is a casual mobile puzzle game for all ages. Players try to combine and “chain” cupcakes of various types. It is based on the mobile game Chip Chain designed and programmed by Aaron Isaksen.

I licensed the original code base from Aaron, but what I thought would be a quick re-skin project turned into a something a bit more complex. I ended up doing quite a bit of programming to get the project out the door. Again, my wife Barbara Pollak created the majority of the art.

We launched on Google Play, then followed on Apple and Kindle Fire app stores.
In partnership with with author Cameron Tuttle I designed and programmed a productivity app based on her popular “Bad Girl’s Guide” traditional book series.

The goal was to create a secret journal app that provides more than simple text entry. It needed be fun and have a sassy attitude for a young adult, female audience. Check the slides to see what we came up with.

Launched on Apple, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and B&N Nook stores as a paid app.
Hand coded ebooks, also published by Hard Boiled Industries.
Dog Dreams is an enhanced children’s iBook for iOS, based on the traditional board book by writer/illustrator Michael Wertz. “Enhanced” is a special type of picture ibook for Apple devices with additional interactive and sound features not available in a standard ebook.

I developed the ibook such that the reader can choose to listen to the original author read the book aloud while the text is highlighted, word for word, in sync with the audio. There is also a background music track.

Additionally, I created a short documentary video detailing how the author created the hand printed version of the book using a traditional printing press. The video is included as a page within the ibook.
Pocket Stones is an ebook edition of an autobiographical juvenile chapter book with illustrations, written by Barbara-Ann G. Lewis.

To generate the .epub and .mobi files necessary to publish on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble Nook stores, I used Vook, an online, WYSIWYG ebook editing tool.
Downloadable PC/Mac casual 2D Games developed by Big Splash Games, a 3-person dev. shop of which I was co-owner. I co-designed and art directed all titles, as well as created much of the final art.
Chocolatier is a series of casual games we designed and developed for Playfirst. It became a successful “tent pole” franchise for Playfirst with tens of millions of downloads for the three original titles we developed, Chocolatier, Chocolatier II: Secret Ingredients, and Chocolatier III: Decadence by Design.

I came up with the original concept, served as co-designer, art directed teams of remote artists, as well as created art, UI, and animation assets.

Due to Chocolatier’s popularity Playfirst spun off various ports, translations, boxed and mobile versions, and even a Facebook MMO based on the Chocolatier universe.
Love Ahoy! is a downloadable casual game developed and self-published by Big Splash Games.

As with the Chocolatier series, I served both as co-game designer and art director. I was also responsible for creating nearly all of the art, including several 2D ship backgrounds and a character animation system that used layered pre-rendered 3D graphics to generate endless combinations of characters.
I worked as a 3D artist and animator using Maya on several titles. I was responsible for designing, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating humanoid characters, creatures, hard surfaced models, and particle effects for both real-time 3D game engines as well as pre-rendered sprites.
Second Life is the pioneering MMO VR platform, still going strong 13 years after launch. When I started at Linden Lab it was a scrappy startup with only a few employees. I was the sole artist responsible for creating 3D assets for the avatar customization system used by over 40 million “residents”. After launch I was a member of the Content Team creating in-world builds and activities.
Alien Front:Online was originally designed as a coin-op arcade game at SEGA of America. It was eventually released for the Dreamcast as the world’s first online console game with real time voice chat. I designed and created low poly 3D vehicles, pre-rendered 3D animated characters, and destructible backgrounds. I also created weapons, explosions, particle FX, and conceptualized a coin-op cabinet.
Armageddon was a coin-op arcade game developed at Acclaim Entertainment’s coin-op division. Licensed from the hugely popular combat card game Magic: The Gathering, the arcade version featured fast paced real time creature combat and spell casting.

In my roll as Senior 3D artist I designed, modeled, textured, and animated several pre-rendered creatures and wizard characters, particle effects, and real time 3D backgrounds. I also contributed to game design and extensive play testing.
Some of the earliest titles I worked on shipped on a couple floppy disks inside a giant cardboard box. To be kind to myself I call these “classic” games. I created art and animation using ancient pixel pushing software like Deluxe Paint on an Amiga. I look back on these titles with nostalgia for a simpler era in the game industry.
This Lode Runner was the first reboot of the classic ‘80s computer game. It was a popular title in its own right and several sequels and ports were produced. I was hired to create 2D sprite animations for the Runner and Mad Monk characters as well as animate several short comedic interstitials used to introduce new features.
Rocket Boy was a game intended for launch on the Sega CD and Sega Saturn consoles, developed by Rocket Science Games. It was a short gig, and the game never shipped, but it was my first experience creating 3D graphics for games.
Battle Bugs was a pioneering real time tactics (RTT) game developed at Epyx and published by Sierra Online. We were a team of only 2 artists and 1 programmer.

Credited as co-game designer and artist I designed and animated 2D characters as well as tiled and full screen backgrounds. Fun times pushing pixels from a palette of 16 fabulous colors!