Stephen Berkeley Lewis
630 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, California 94107
PHONE (415) 601-6323 E-MAIL

20+ years professional experience creating interactive entertainment products across many platforms. Project oriented, energetic collaborator with diverse content creation skills.

Multidisciplinary Designer, illustrator, animator, videographer, coder.
Visual Designer Experience creating apps, games, e-books, and videos.
Creative Solver Taps both sides of brain to generate innovative ideas.
Communicator Friendly and attentive. Concise and organized writing.
Technically Proficient Computers, software, cameras, 3D printers, duct tape…

Game & Interactive Design Lua Scripting/Programming Art Direction
2D/3D Art Asset Production Video & Audio Production Animation
Conceptual Illustration Iterative Development Rapid Prototyping
MAC/PC Office CoronaSDK Photoshop Maya Flash Premiere ZBrush Rapidweaver

Co-founder and Creative Director, Hard Boiled Industries, LLC; 2011 - Present
Bootstrap mobile studio. Created games, apps, and e-books. Self-published on Apple, Google Play, Amazon, and Nook stores. Wore many hats including Lua coder, game designer, illustrator, animator, videographer, web designer, sound designer/musician. Produced educational videos. Shipped titles include: The Bad Girl’s Journal, Bakery Batch, Pocket Stones,and Dog Dreams.

Co-Owner and Creative Officer, Big Splash Games, LLC; 2006 - 2014
Co-designed and art directed Chocolatier casual downloadable game series, published by Playfirst, Inc. Tent pole franchise with millions of downloads, spawning several ports and spin-offs. Art directed teams of remote artists. Generated 2D art assets, UI, animation. Also co-game designed and created all art assets for casual downloadable game Love Ahoy.

Senior Technical 3D Artist and Animator, Linden Lab; 2002 - 2006
Co-designer and sole 3D art asset creator of user-customizable avatar system for pioneering on-line virtual world
Second Life, used by millions of players worldwide. XML scripting of GUI. Generated biped character animation. Designed and directed new-user “Orientation Island” experience. Designed virtual real estate topography to monetize users. Created in-world 3D assets.

Lead Animator and Senior Artist, SEGA; 1998 - 2001
Created real-time 3D models of vehicles, destructible backgrounds, animations and effects for Alien Front: Online, the first online multiplayer console game with voice chat. Designed for arcade, released on Dreamcast console.

Senior Artist and Animator, Acclaim Coin-Op Entertainment; 1995 - 1998
Co-game design and 3D art asset creation for Armageddon, a licensed Magic: The Gathering creature combat arcade game.

3D Character Animator and Conceptual Artist, Rocket Science Games; 1995
Rocketboy prototype for PC and SEGA Saturn console.

Lead 2D Character Animator, Presage Software; 1994
Lode Runner, The Legend Returns for PC/Mac, published by Sierra.

Art Director, Animator, Co-Game Designer, Epyx; 1992-1994
Battle Bugs for PC, published by Sierra.

Interface Designer and Illustrator, Paramount Interactive; 1991 -1992
Institutional educational software by Computer Curriculum Corp.

Bachelor of Arts in Film/Television Production, Graduated 1990
University of Southern California, School of Cinema/Television

Directed short film shown at Sundance
Worked as IMAX projectionist
Designed and performed flea circus
Funhouse pinball machine
Keeps bees in San Francisco

Stephen Berkeley Lewis
630 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, California 94107 CELL (415) 601-6323 E-MAIL